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What is an online store website?

An online store is simply a website where you can buy products and services. So in a way an online store is a specific kind of website. If you are not sure if you need a simple website or an online store decide whether you want your website visitors to be able to order and pay for things you show on your site.

follow client payments

Linking shipments on site (skydropx, send, send) Payment Gateways (Paypal, Stripe, OpenPay, other) Web Search Engines

Refund Method: Money or Products

Refund methods are the means by which money is credited to customers returning merchandise. ... For example, for a credit card payment method, the refund method is also a credit card.


Today, many people prefer online shopping because of its many obvious benefits. Products are easier to find and you can easily and effortlessly order products without going to the store. Enough reason for people to use this service. ... Millions of products are sold worldwide through the e-business model.

Online Store / Design Plans

New news, now wherever you want there are no limits to do business, makes it grow and start selling online! Sell your products, services, memberships, directly to your potential customers.We only have an annual payment option


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Enabled Payment methods

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